Eazel is 100% compatible with the main compression formats on the market, like EAZ, ZIP, RAR etc.

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The only with backup system thought for internet
Maximum compression
EAZEL converts music and video into small compressed files, ideal for sending or receiving via the Internet.
Organize your backups
Send backups to an FTP server, burn them onto CD or DVD, or send to an email address.
The fastest
When it comes to compressing and decompressing files, this is the fastest program available: files are ready within seconds.

Compressed files are an additional resource for increasing the security of files on your computer. This confidence is based on the fact that the compression standards with which Eazel operates, are completely impregnable. This means that it is very difficult that someone could access your PC remotely, to find the compressed folder in which your important data is stored and then extract or transfer that information.

Thus, when you save your most valuable files to a compressed folder, you are ensuring that all its contents remain fully protected against attacks from external sources as well as latent threats that have gone unnoticed by antimalware.

Eazel is also a tool that is fully compatible with any other Windows security resource. If you have anti-spyware, antivirus or even a firewall activated, this application will respect the protection standards that you have selected. Eazel adapts perfectly to your protection settings.

Keeping your files in compressed folders also protects you against another type of intrusion: other users with whom you share the computer. Creating a username and password in a Windows session is not enough to protect you from indiscriminate eyes. The solution is simple: put all your important files in a folder, compress it and keep it in a location that best suits you. As if this weren’t enough, you can also password protect it.