Eazel is 100% compatible with the main compression formats on the market, like EAZ, ZIP, RAR etc.

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The only with backup system thought for internet
Maximum compression
EAZEL converts music and video into small compressed files, ideal for sending or receiving via the Internet.
Organize your backups
Send backups to an FTP server, burn them onto CD or DVD, or send to an email address.
The fastest
When it comes to compressing and decompressing files, this is the fastest program available: files are ready within seconds.

Your hard drive is not unlimited in space. As with all resources (both inside and outside the computer) there are certain limitations that hinder good performance, or directly nullify it. Well, the main restriction of this storage device is space.

If you have been using a PC for a long time, surely you would have stored a large quantity of files in it. No doubt, a large portion of them were downloaded from the Internet, while others are products of your work. There are even those files that were generated by the same tools that you installed on the computer (backups, configurations, etc.).

Although you can delete some documents, the truth is that there will be others that you can’t get rid of, even though you don’t use them regularly. This is when you need to take advantage of the power of Eazel. Now you will be able to compress all that you need and optimize current space.

The high compression rate that Eazel achieves is one of the most efficient ways to increase the capacity of the hard drive (NB: this is also true for any other storage devices).

As a result, the other installed applications will also work faster. This will be clearly noted when it comes to having more space for accommodating temporary files, as well as memory cache which certain programs require (especially design and editing applications, and web browsers).